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The Uncanny Wisdom of Marine First Sergeants

Posted 02 Nov 2011 in Sample Stories

Have you ever been in a position where, in a split second, you could have changed the entire history of the world?  I have. Once. It had been a long voyage aboard the APA 227, USS Renville, a troop ship crossing the Pacific. Finally I was getting to my first permanent duty station. For the past nine months, other than much rigorous training and technical schooling, I had done nothing recreational except “police” the area. That term was new to me, so I assumed it had something to do with high-level security.  It actually meant picking up trash from perfectly manicured grounds.  I was learning, and I policed well.  I picked up cigarette butts, filters, paper and other litter...

The Big Mac Attack

Posted 02 Nov 2011 in Sample Stories

I was a Marine major on Okinawa in 1978. I had been away from the United States for a year unaccompanied by my family. In July-August time frame of 1979, my family was to join me for an accompanied tour of duty. It was to be our second one. Unusual for Marines. Headquarters had allowed me a bit of leave to travel back to California and assist my wife with disposing of two cars, a home and not needed furniture in order to make the trip back again overseas together. Being isolated from the United States, as Marines often are, one is usually shocked and/or pleasantly surprised at the changes in his own country when he returns from foreign...